How To Add HTML5 Audio & Video

I frequent a lot of Hip-Hop blogs in quest of listening to new releases and watch new videos. In this era of smart phones and tablets, flash has become the outcast. Yet a lot of blogs are not providing an alternative, why? There are many solutions out there and I’m going to show you how … Continued

Sound Travels HD V2.0 Tumblr Theme

Sound Wave image by ~vladstudio ( The Sound Travels HD Tumblr theme is the first of its kind, fluid width HD theme. When I built this theme I had the indy musicians, photographers, videographers (and anybody else) in mind who would be looking for a tumblr theme that can handle large HD size post 1080p+. … Continued

Digital Footprints Relaunch

Just when I had a few blog post ideas that I wanted to post my wordpress blog decided to take a break. For a while I’ve wanted to move my blog over to ExpressionEngine, but I kept putting it off. I found out EECI was Brooklyn bound for 2011 [@ The Invisible Dog], and I … Continued